Best. Sound. Ever.

Pretty much ever since Josephine was born, we’ve been trying to capture her elusive post-sneeze sigh on video.  Almost every time she sneezes, she makes the cutest sigh and clenches/shakes her fists after.  It has taken almost five weeks, but here it is!  


one month…

So, we’re all getting pretty used to one another over here on Vernon St. and having fun going out and about.  Here are some photos of our one month old Josephine…

I haven’t been clever enough yet to take a mirror image shot of Josephine to do a direct comparison, but I have to say that if I didn’t know it was me in that photo, I would think it were Phina.

baby lea at 4 weeks

Josephine at four weeks!

How will she hold her head up with all those cheeks?

Hard to believe that it’s already been four weeks since our little Phina was born, but it’s true.  In fact, “little” might only work as a descriptor for so long – she’s packing on the lbs, already weighing around 11 of them!