13 weeks

josephine opted for a nap

pat and matt dropped in from texas
4 blue eyes
uncle scott-ie
poodle overalls!

timber frame raising!

josephine donned her carhartts for the work day to raise the timber frame in wendell.  she pretty much slept the whole time, so we’ll have to break them in another day…


checking out the finished frame the next day with aunt chris
nice work, tio dan-o!
hanging with auntie fern
brown on brown

the neverending brunch

we had an impromptu brunch at our house which turned into a baby reunion.  the last time abby, freja, and i were together, all three kids were in the womb!  we were all happy to finally have the kids out and about.

party times at fern's bday

can you tell her entire front is soaked from drool? tell me this kid's not teething!

not so sure

hand holders

the line-up: juna, josephine, oscar, enzo

josephine excused herself to nap under her new handmade by roma blanket

glad our couch has room for everyone

auntie crystal and a baby about to explode from too much cheek...

11 weeks and super cute.

josephine is starting to grow and change in leaps and bounds, as they say.  in this past week or so, she’s started making new noises, like squeals and giggles.  she’s been having fun playing peek-a-boo, chewing on her hands (often both fists simultaneously!), and she’s started rubbing her eyes when she’s tired.  she’s also getting stronger by the day.

was this asking too much?

ready to eat!

it's fun to suck bath water from a washcloth.

fun floor times on our new rug

so, we finally bit the bullet and bought a rug for our living room.  it was an immediate hit.

tummy time star

turns out it's hard to take a family self-portrait...

in the whole series of family self-portraits, josephine was the top model.

good times with mama

oscar came for his first visit. it's hard to get babies to pose...

josephine has new funny noises tricks she taught auntie fern