four month kiddo

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our tradition is to make croissant dough on christmas day for our annual new year’s day croissant party.  even phina got in on the action.  then we headed to fern & marty’s for a delicious meal with a roast from our half cow.  yum!

getting her hands in the dough...

our first ever (tiniest) tree: cut from wendell
family shot with flying baby
wearing lea’s easter outfit for christmas.

more december

fun new developments: grabbing, rolling over (both ways!), all kinds of noises for all kinds of occasions, overall good times.

p.s. anyone interested can drag photos from the blog to their desktop.  if it’s a slideshow, just pause on the photo you want and then drag.  enjoy!

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jungle baby

hanging with zoe. those two were surprisingly interested in one another!
thanks for the shoe socks, aunt mary! this kid is styling…
with virginia and uncle chris
virginia took good care to make sure josephine would not catch a chill while hanging in front of the pellet stove…
sleepy times with nanny
two new favorites: eating her drool bib and brown bear, brown bear…
you can’t see it, but there’s a mirror on the cover of this book. josephine loves looking at that baby! thanks for the book, auntie!!!
uncle scottie gets in on the book time, too!

great grandpa chunks turns 90

josephine took her first trip on an airplane to surprise chunks for his 90th.

a girl and her great grandpa

stop talking, mom!

relaxing with mama

four generations of montes
rufflebutt and ladybug
hanging with nana at brunch
getting ready to go to chunks’ to celebrate christmas (dressed for the occasion)
happy times on the airplane