baby prom!

a word about baby prom: you may remember previous photos of enzo and phina “slow dancing.” this is when the concept of baby prom was born.  freja decided she wanted a baby prom for her birthday party, and voila!  josephine wore a jean wulfkuhle (great-grammie) original and carried a wooden rattle accessory.

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babbling, sitting, and rocking

this kid is wanting to do everything all at once.  she’s been babbling for a little bit now, and the pillow we place behind her back is really for “just in case.” out of the blue, she started rocking on all fours and pushing up into a pike-style yoga pose.  the best part, which you probably can’t see in the photos, is that she uses only her big toes.  she clearly likes a challenge.  you may also notice that her hair has grown long enough to sport a hat head.

here’s the first video of her rocking:

talking away:

rocking and pushing up:

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